1,4-Butanediol (BDO) Closed

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USD 1800.00/MT  USD 1840.00 /MT

For orders more than 100MT, there will be another $5/MT off on the price.

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T/T in advance
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USD 1800.00/MT

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1. For orders more than 100MT, there will be another $5/MT off on the price.
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HNEC is a wholly state-owned large-scale energy and chemical group established by two strategic reorganizations in December 2008 and September 2013 approved by the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government respectively.

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Q1. What kinds of package can you provide?

A: We can provide 200kg/drum,80drums/20 GP, 4drums/pallet,16.0mt/20GP;If you need ISO TANK, please contact

Q2. When will be your shipment date after we sign the contract?

A: Usually 20 days after the contract signed. But if there is unexpected reason leading the shipment delayed, we will inform you in advance.

Q3. What is the Minimum Quantity if I want to place an order?

A: Our Minimum Quantity is 1FCL.

Q4. What is your loading port? Can you ship it from Shanghai Port?

A: We suggest loading from Qingdao Port. It is more convenient with less cost. If you require other loading port, we can also support. 

Q5. Can you make long-term contract? My company always prefer order by quarter or half year. 

A: Yes we can. At present, we can support long-term contract within 3 months.

Q6. Could you provide other payment terms

A: Yes. We can. Pls contact

Q7. Can you provide other brands?

A:Yes. We can. Group buying activity will be OKCHEM's regular activity, please follow with interest at any time. Pls contact